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Humanism vs Human Services

Years ago, when I first began to consider the possibility of what would later become the Open Referral Initiative, I reached out to my former colleague Matt Siemer with a question. When we’d worked together at Bread for the City, amid marathon Smiths … Continue reading

10. April 2016 by greg.bloom@gmail.com
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Helping Judy and her Son

Judith Hawkins’ family needs help, so please join me in supporting them in this time of crisis. See the crowdfunding page here, or just give in the gizmo below. As is sadly typical, I’m coming to write about this a bit … Continue reading

19. September 2015 by greg.bloom@gmail.com
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About the community resource directory data problem…

Over the past few years I’ve been thinking about what I call, wonkily, ‘the community resource directory data problem’ — by which I mean: information about the services that exist in a community, and the challenges posed by the collection … Continue reading

15. October 2013 by greg.bloom@gmail.com
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