Happy blog day.

For my 32nd birthday, I’m giving myself a blog. This is kind of like getting a puppy: it’s gonna be cute, and also messy, and eventually it’s going to end in tears.

09. August 2013 by greg.bloom@gmail.com
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  1. Hey Greg, Thanks for your offer to help wrangle Asana for BACE, I’m all for it! I heard you’re heading out of Dodge soon, so thought to see if you might have a little spot of time before you fly––perhaps over a beer, coffee, whatever’s your pleasure in the Mission? I’m very nearby in sunny Goat Hill, can wheel over with my laptop to meet you if Sat or Sun would work.

    My website’s in that puppy state at the moment, too, messy messy…about to overhaul. got fresh newspaper?

    btw, Happy Birthday!

    • Hey Wren – wow I am so new to the blogging thing that I missed this comment for days!

      I am in town for the next three days, through Wednesday night. Maybe we can still make this happen? shoot me an email!

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